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Andrea Kehler, R.Ac

"Behind our pain there is a story. Suppressed emotion, trauma and limiting beliefs all directly influence our health. In order for true healing to occur, we must treat the mind, body and spirit."

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Initial Consultation - $145
These sessions are for clients who have seen Andrea before but it has been over one year since their last visit. If you are a NEW CLIENT please e-mail Andrea to be placed on a cancellation list.
This session is for clients who are open to exploring suppressed emotions behind their physical pain. Andrea will use Traditional Chinese Medicine to make a diagnosis, and a session includes chakra balancing, sound healing, and an intuitive read of the body.
Standard Acupuncture Follow Up - $98
This session is for clients who have seen Andrea within 1 year of the Initial Consultation. During a follow-up session you will experience traditional tongue and pulse diagnosis, a standard Acupuncture session as well as fire cupping (if needed).
Enlightened Acupuncture Follow-up - $130
This session is for clients who are looking to experience healing on a multi-dimensional level. You will experience everything a standard session has to offer PLUS any of the following additions your body may be asking for...
-Discover and release trapped emotions behind your physical pain 
-Experience deep meditation through sacred geometric patterns 
-Cleanse your auric field and balance your chakra system 
-Experience downloads & light activations 
-Deepen your connection with your higher self
Induction Treatment - $98
Pregnant women are encouraged to begin induction treatments at 37 weeks for best results. Each session includes points that will initiate contractions, dilate the cervix, release stress & help baby descend. Andrea will also include intuitive points as needed.
Acupuncture & Intuitive Reading - $175
Enjoy a relaxing acupuncture treatment and receive wisdom, light activations, clarity, healing and so much more from the Angelic Realm. This session includes both an Acupuncture session and your choice of Intuitive Reading.

Intuitive Readings

Akashic Records Reading - $150
We begin our journey together with Archangel Metatron, the record keeper of the Akashic records. I will guide you into the Akashic record room where you will have access to your own personal database. Every lifetime you experienced is recorded in these books, including soul contracts that were made, karma you experienced, persecution, the dimensions you existed in, and more!
Past Life Reading - $150
Experience travelling through all dimensions of space & time with the assistance of the Angels! You will be taken on a journey into several past lives where there is important information for you. This includes; clearing karma, activating spiritual gifts, receiving downloads, experiencing healing & more! Release all that is holding you back from reaching your fullest potential.
Angel Card Reading - $150
Andrea channels Archangel Metatron (the wisdom keeper of the Akashic Records), using oracle cards as her medium. Experience channeled messages of light and love that will offer you a birds eye perspective on your life. Understand soul lessons, connect with your inner child, re-write soul contracts, receive guidance & so much more!

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